Tree Trimming - Ixta Tree Service - Orem UT
At Ixta Tree Experts, Inc. we offer professional services: Tree Trimming, Pruning, Shaping, Crown Reduction, Fruit Tree Pruning, Shrubs Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Firewood, Tree Planting.

Tree trimming

  • Structural pruning: corrects co-dominant leaders in young trees
  • Crown cleaning: removes deadwood and crossing limbs
  • Restoration pruning: selection of leaders and laterals for new growth
  • Height reduction: reduces the crown size by thinning
  • Directional shaping: clears building, wires, sidewalks, vistas
  • Aesthetics: restores natural symmetry
  • Orchard pruning: increases fruit production
  • Shrubs service: includes trimming, shaping and trimming hedges

Tree removal

  • Hazard trees: technical rigging and difficult access removals
  • Zero impact: advanced rigging over delicate structures and property
  • Stump removal: includes grinding the stump and roots

Tree planting

We plant only healthy and beautiful trees using correct techniques to foster growth and longevity.